Grimmdeep Halls

Game Type

The game will be planned to run as a dungeon crawl type game. There will be towns and wilderness too, but the assumption will be players will dungeon delve for treasure and xp. This is such a nice and simple way to play. Modern rpg's all have their roots in this style of game.

That being said, there are quiet a few things I would like to run. here is, a not, complete list:

- A home brew wilderness hexcrawl

- The isle of dread module ( the original module to take the game out of the dungeon)

- A thieves guild campaign set it a home brew major city. The ad&d 2nd ed thieves handbook has some great stuff for thief campaigns.

- A Campaign set in the old Greyhawk setting. ( a mix of Gygax's setting and some of the later stuff, but not all)

- I am also open to running modules, if someone has something they really want to play in.




This sounds great, I am down for trying all of the things you want to run on this list. – Ranse

Game Type

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